What should have been a sun-lit and beautiful second orienteering match at ‘Stroese Zand’, has turned into a pitch-black event.

OLV MINOR was organizing it’s 2-Days of the North-West Veluwe on Saturday October 27th and Sunday October 28th. Our club member Rutger Tollenaar was participating in M21E when he suffered a seizure and collapsed. Several other participants responded to calls from the first participant who found him unconscious and started first aid while alerting race staff. They continued their aid until medical services took over treatment, but to no avail. Rutger has passed away.

Rutger joined our club September 1st 2017 and we found him to be a talented athlete. Full of enthusiasm, he participated in his races to improve himself even further. He also made himself seen as a valued volunteer in our organization and he will be dearly missed.

Our thoughts are with his relatives and friends. A 30-year old athlete in the strength of his life, who has been taken from his loved ones, is an incomprehensible loss and sadness. We hope they will find the strength to bear this terrible loss.

Birgitta Verbeek, Dorine de Vries-Sala, Robert van der Hulst en Frank Mensink