General information



Dorine de Vries
(+31) 06 22 46 29 02

At competition location

Saturday 29 October open from 10:30 am
Sunday 30 October open from 9:00 am

Attention, the clocks go back 1 hour in the night from Saturday to Sunday!

Upon arrival, the participants will receive their start number and possibly their rental SI key. Any registration fees still to be paid must be paid upon arrival.

If you have lost or found something, please report it to the secretariat so that it can be returned to the owner.


The SI system is used in all competitions. If you use a different SI-key than stated, you are requested to inform the secretariat immediately. Return of the rented SI key takes place at the secretary immediately after arrival on Sunday 30 October. If you do not start on the last day, you are requested to hand in the key at an earlier time to the secretary.

Bib number

The bib number must be clearly worn on the chest. The bib number may not be folded or trimmed.

Start times

Start times will be published on the website approximately 7 days before the event and will also be posted on the information board on the day of the race.


The results will be made available online. A total result will be made over both competition days.

Complaints / protests

Filing a complaint or protest must be made in accordance with the IOF Competition Rules, Articles 27 and 28.

A complaint must be made in writing to the race director, Robert van der Hulst; at the latest 15 minutes after the finish. A protest must be submitted in writing to a member of the jury, at the latest 1 hour after the organization’s decision on the complaint.

A complaint/protest form is available from the secretary.

Chairman: Ton de Vaan (IOF Event Advisor)
Members: Øystein Kvaal Østerbø, Anne Heikoop, Benjamin Ancieux


The awards ceremony for the WRE is Saturday, October 29 at 15:00 pm.

A total ranking will be drawn up for both competition days. The award ceremony will start on Sunday 30 October at 14:30 pm.

There are prizes for places 1, 2, and 3 in each category. In D/H-10 all participants will receive a prize.


There is no childcare during the event.

String course

There is a string course for the little ones. Pre-registration is not necessary. You will find us near the tent of the secretariat. The costs are 1 euro and you will receive a small present in return.


In the finish area, we offer all kinds of drinks (tea, coffee, soft drinks, beer, and wine) and food (vegetable soup, sausage sandwiches, biscuits, chips, and candy). Our catering has a number of tables with seats, where you can quietly enjoy your drink and chat. We would like to see your waste in the appropriate waste bags.

Day entry

There is no day entry.


Participation is at the runner’s own risk. The organization is not liable in the event of accidents.


If you do not grant permission for the publication of photos (taken during the 2-Days of Noord-West Veluwe 2022) on which you are visible, or if you do not give permission for the publication of name and competition results, please contact Niels-Peter Foppen (


The first aid post can be found in the finish area. General emergency number: 112

Medical assistance outside the competition

In the evening or at the weekend, first call the general practitioner (HAP): (+31) 085 773 73 71. This determines whether you should come to the general practitioner or whether a doctor will come to you. Ziekenhuis St. Jansdal Harderwijk. Wethouder Jansenlaan 90, Harderwijk tel: (+31) 0341 463 911.