ℹ️ M21 & W21 enter via a separate system (Eventor).

Registration closes October 15, 2022 (19:00 CET), or if the participant maximum (350 people) is reached.

Routes and distances

Distances are indicative.

Stage 1 & 2 – 2 Daagse van Noord-West Veluwe 2022

 Stage 1Stage 2Class
Route 15,6 km (WRE)10,3 kmM21, M35
Route 24,4 km (WRE)8,2 kmW21, M-20, M40, M45
Route 34,0 km6,9 kmW20, W35, M-18, M50
Route 43,6 km6,6 kmW-18, W40, M-16, M55
Route 53,4 km6,0 kmW45, M60
Route 63,2 km5,4 kmW-16, W50, M65
Route 73,0 km4,5 kmW-14, W55, W60, M-14, M70
Route 82,6 km4,0 kmW65, M75
Route 92,5 km3,2 kmW70, W75, M80, M85+
Route 102,3 km2,9 kmW-10, W-12, M-10, M-12


Until August 15, 2022

<18 year EUR 20,00
18 up to 85+ year EUR 25,00

After August 15, 2022

<18 year EUR 25,00
18 up to 85+ year EUR 30,00

WRE only participation

EUR 20,00. Enter via Eventor and contact the secretary for processing the registration costs.


Registration is not valid until full payment of the registration fee. The transaction date of your payment determines the rate.

You are 21 years old. You register before August 15, 2022, but you pay the registration fee after August 31: then you pay EUR 30.00.

It is the duty of the participants to add any bank charges to the payment.

Bank account OLV MINOR

IBAN: NL 77 TRIO 0390 9192 25
Town: Epe


Participation is at your own risk. The organization cannot be held liable in the event of loss, theft or accident.